127299, Moscow, Klara Tsetkin street, 2. Scheme

Phone: (495) 721-37-01
Fax: (495) 721-37-05

Hours of service: 10.00-19.00

Department's information

Victor TabarinVictor Tabarin

Programs of cooperation and regional development

Moscow: (495) 721-3718

Investment department is engaged in development of the veksel program, attraction to cooperation of the new enterprises. Pleas, contact us by phone (495) 721-3718.

Natalya AtanovaNatalya Atanova

The reschedule repayment and repayment of veksels

Moscow: (495) 721-3717

If you'd like to sell the veksel or present the veksel for payment, you should address in a department of securities for learning conditions of the preschedule repayment of veksels and current rates. Pleas, contact us by phone (495) 721-3717.

Olga AfanasyevaOlga Afanasyeva

Veksel service

Moscow: (495 721-3719
Cherepovetz: (8202) 53-20-52

Concerning an extract of veksels and registration of accompanying documents it is necessary to address in a veksel department by phone (495) 721-3719 in Moscow and (8202) 53-20-52 in Cherepovetz.

Checking veksels

Moscow: (495) 721-3719, 721-3701

You can always check up correctness of requisites on a veksel "IBEC Severstal ". Please, contact us by phone (495) 721-3719 or (495) 721-3701.

Konstantin RadchenkoKonstantin Radchenko

Personnel questions and problems of automation

Moscow: (495) 721-3780

On all personnel questions or with the offer of services in the field of information technologies it is possible to address by phone (495) 721-1780.