About the Company

Тарлинский Олег Вадимович, Генеральный директор 'МВЦ Северсталь'Our company was established in 1996. Since then, the Russian financial market, as well as the Russian economy as a whole, has undergone significant changes, not least of which was the 1998 financial crisis. While many financial companies did not survive the crisis, we not only came through financially sound, but helped our clients successfully weather the storm.

The market for veksels continues to function as an important component of the country's financial system. Moreover, the market is growing and maturing. We offer our accumulated knowledge and experience with promissory notes to aid other companies find effective solutions to their capital needs.

The future of Russia depends on the further development of national industries - and we're proud that we have, from the very beginning, been tightly connected to the real sector of the economy.


Inter-regional Veksel Center "Severstal" aids in the development of industries belonging to the real sector of the economy by offering reliable financial instruments to service accounts. We strive to meet the various needs of our clients by issueing our own veksels that also serve to lower market tariffs.